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Top 5 Toiletries to Pack for College

Make college a home away from home and pack anything you used in your daily life living with mom and dad for your daily life in the dorms. This includes your basic toiletries and maybe a few extras you never realized you needed. You will be eating, sleeping, and performing all basic hygiene at college, so have everything on hand when you arrive so you are not forced to shop for life's little necessities while getting acclimated to your new life. From your standard toothpaste and toothbrush to all your favorite scents, learn what top toiletry items you need at college to make day-to-day life a breeze. Oral Hygiene Items Keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, as well as your breath fresh, with those everyday basics every mouth needs. You likely have favorite toothpaste you used at home, so stock up on several to pack before the semester begins so you can make it until winter break without ever having to buy more. Of course, with toothpaste comes a toothbrush, but remember to pa
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How to Choose a Necklace that Flatters You

Necklaces are the main focus of any ensemble and are used to coordinate other jewelry pieces, such as earrings, bracelets, and rings. The right necklace can enhance attractive features while minimizing flaws. When choosing a flattering style, two important considerations are face shape and neckline. Necklaces to Enhance Face Shape Everyone's facial features are unique, but there are several categories under which most people fall. Some faces have a combination of two or more shapes, but the general designs are oval, pear, heart, square, and round. Women often rely on their face shape when choosing jewelry to complement their natural features. The length and style of necklaces can elongate short faces and detract from stronger builds. To determine the shape of a face, pull the hair back completely to see the hairline, cheeks, jaws, and chin. For assistance with difficult features, take a digital photograph and remove the color for a black and white picture. The following

The Mindset of Those Who Buy Cheap Gothic Rings

Generally, those people who wear Gothic jewelry belong to a well-defined subculture. They possess a rather specific attitude and adorn their fingers with Gothic rings. They have adapted a quite narrow and undeviating way of thought. That way of thought reflects their belief system - a system that views good and evil as forces that need to exist together. People who wear Gothic rings appreciate the contrast between good and evil, between black and white. Their rings tend to demonstrate their appreciation of those contrasting colors. Many reasonably priced Gothic rings have been fashioned from pewter. Other cheap rings use stainless steel to mix black and white images. In each case, the pewter or stainless steel ring typically juxtaposes two images, one that is associated with good forces, and one that is associated with evil. An online search turns up several virtual locations where jewelry lovers can find cheap Gothic rings. Some such items are available at web sites with s

Sterling Silver Christian Wedding Rings

To many people the notion of getting married is a beautiful and religious experience that they want to accentuate with symbols to show their faith and their love for each other. Religion is a big part of many people’s lives and they carry that religious faith into the symbols they use to express their undying love for each other. In some cases these symbols carry over to create Christian wedding rings and there are several things that separate Christian wedding bands from any other kind of wedding rings out there. Being able to identify a Christian wedding ring is simple but understanding its importance is essential. Religion is the cornerstone of many people’s lives and when they decide that they want to enter into the sacrament of marriage they decide to do so with all of the symbolism that befits their religion. For people that practice the Christian faith there are many stories and long traditions that enter into their wedding ceremony and if they choose they can also carry t

Natural Way to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

There is more than one answer to the question “What’s a natural way to clean silver jewelry?” If you do not have access to a box of baking soda, you might want to search for some old toothpaste. Coat the tarnished silver with that toothpaste, and then place the paste-covered silver under warm water. Work the wet toothpaste into foam. Then rinse off the foam and rub the silver dry with a cotton cloth. Toothpaste will work on silver jewelry, silver table ware, silver pitchers, silver plates or any other kind of silver. If you have some tarnished silver that you want to clean, then you can go to a store and purchase some silver polish. Suppose, however, that you prefer not to use products that contain harsh or synthetic chemicals. In that case, you might be asking "What's a natural way to clean silver". You can find the answer to that question by going online. In fact, a look at the information on the Internet suggests that a number of different people have asked

Sterling Silver Military Jewish Jewelry

As far as Judaism is concerned military Jewish jewelry is extremely popular. In the Old Testament it is one motif that is most common. It was for Issac that Rebecca was given a nose ring in gold by Eliezer. If you go back to Hoshen you are sure to find Jewish jewelry in military designs now modernized for current tastes and preferences. During the wilderness days, in the Tabernacle at the Temple the High Priest wore a breast plate. Israel’s twelve tribes have been well represented by minerals and gems totaling to twelve in number, a fact included in the Hoshen. Jewelry items as well as accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, key chains, etc have designs of the Hoshen or Hoshen replicas on them. A number of Jewish themes have been made best use of in the making of pendants as well as amulets in precious stones. It was due the Hoshen considered most holy that the origin of this tradition was born. Different kinds of symbols that are traditional as well as r

Saint Paul Medals - Who Was Saint Paul?

The Christian religion has many famous converts and Saint Paul is one of the most well known.  He was a devout Jew, of the tribe of Benjamin, who hated Christians and persecuted them. According to his letters, however, he became a witness to the resurrection of Jesus as he was traveling on the road to Damascus. He experienced temporary blindness as a result. Paul is the patron saint of London, gentile Christians, theologians, writers, publishers, missions, and truth. For his work in the Christian religion, any believer in the faith would be proud to receive Saint Paul medals engraved with his image. Saint Paul continued onto Damascus where he converted to and was baptized as a Christian. Afterwards he went to Arabia to prepare himself for missionary work. He later returned to Damascus to start preaching the Christian doctrine at synagogues but was run off by the Jews in the city. But still he persisted and made the first missionary journey with a man name Barnabus. They